I believe that design done right comes from a balance of humility and experimentation. I find incredible reward in creating experiences that improve lives, and I love working with teams who feel the same.


Product Content Strategy

As a product-focused content strategist, I think of my role as a hybrid of a product manager, UX designer, and content strategist and writer.


Part Product Management

My inner product manager is capable of seeing the big picture and the details from a customer and business standpoint. I believe that cross-functional collaboration leads to ideating and testing more creative solutions.


Part UX / UI Design

Focused on building layout and structure to scale, I study user behavior to understand task flows and work with visual and UX experts to evolve sketches into wireframes, prototypes, and beautiful interfaces.


Lots of Content Strategy

My core competency is getting the right information to the right people at the right time. I create content structures that optimize user flows and connect the dots with microcopy that's clear, helpful, and on-brand.


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I've collaborated with teams from San Francisco to Paris and am interested in projects around the world.

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